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Μαρτυρίες πελατών

I was very pleased with the construction and installation services of the P/V System that Activus provided me. The service was excellent, the construction of the system was right. I would definitely recommend Activus to whoever desires to install a photovoltaic system either in his house or his business.

After meeting by chance Mr. Kostas Bethanis i met your company and I learned several things about P/V Systems. Following i started talking with Mr. Aviold Feizai that fully informed me about all my questions and my hesitations. So i decided to construct my installation with your company. The service was immediate and flawless considering the paperwork needed in order for the P/V System to be approved. The team that worked over the installation (including Mr. Aviold) was cooperative, willing and helpful. I do recommend your company without any hesitation to whoever is interested .

There was a great time pressure not to lose the feed in tariff of the construction. My construction was 1MW on an industrial rooftop which meant that if we would lose the feed in tariff the cost would be much higher. Nevertheless the team of Activus made me feel safe from the beginning and luckily proved that they were right, since the construction was connected with the network on time. From my experience Activus has all the necessary experience that is needed for the communications with the Network Manager.