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Stand Alone P/V Systems

The last trend on Greek market is the independence from the Electric Power Company’s (D.E.I.) network and the quest of alternative ways of power such as photovoltaic systems, wind generators, biomass etc.

The photovoltaic systems of electric power are being widely used in Greece when we desire full independence or in cases of distant areas (areas without access to D.E.I.’s network).This consists the biggest advantage of the stand alone p/v systems.

The stand alone P/V systems can be applied on:

  • Cottages
  • Distant areas from the net work of the Electric Power Company (D.E.I.)
  • Yachts
  • Farms
  • Hotels
  • Community Facilities
  • Weather or telecommunication stations

Stand Alone P/V Systems

The system operates 24 hours, since the energy is being received directly from the sun and during the night from the accumulators (batteries)

Activus since 2007 has delivered a large number of autonomous systems. Our company operating always according the ISO TUV9001/2008 certification with the constant training and the expertise of our experienced engineers, is in position to provide reliable studies in order to deliver safe, qualitative and efficient autonomous power systems