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Home "Saving" Program

“Home Saving” Program

It is about a co-funded program that motivates the citizens to improve the energy performance of their house, saving money and energy and raising its value.

Chosen residencies are all the detached houses, the buildings and the flats (without any more conditions) that fulfill exclusively the following criteria:

  • Are located in areas where the square meter costs 2.100 euros or less
  • Are in a category equal or lower of D based on the Energy Performance Certificate.

There are no limits on the number of properties per citizen, and regarding in buildings the owners that do not want to be part of the program can participate with their own funds. Moreover, vacant apartments that were inhabited during the last 3 years fall into the program.

It is anticipated the possibility to receive 4/5/6years loan, with or without a guarantor, without mortgaging, possibility of immediate payout of the loan without any charges, and also the clear off of the suppliers through the bank without the citizen’s evolvement. By participating to the program is being provided a 40% deposit in advance of the budget of the application.

In order to participate to the program are required energy inspections to be conducted (before and after the interventions),the cost of which is being totally covered by the program, after the successful implementation of the project. Moreover, expenses for a project consultant are being covered, up to 250 euros (without VAT).

For what projects I can be funded?

The saving that is being succeeded from the interventions of the program should correspond to an energy category upgrade or to the 30% of the energy consumption of the building.

The chosen interventions regard to:

  1. Installation of insulation to the building shell, including garage and rooftop (rooftop interventions such as tile replacement or any other additional work are being included)
  2. Replacement of the frames and installation of shade systems (front door, stairwell frames, tent frames etc are being included)
  3. Improvement of the heating system and the hot water provider (replacement of the of the equipment of the boiler room and the distribution channel, installation of solar water heater, control systems and autonomous heating etc are being included )

For the implementation of the interventions no license is required not even an approval of building works.

For more information and details regarding the “Home Saving” Program please contact with us and our expertise personnel will provide you with the necessary information.