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Mr. Zois Bougonikolos

Following the recommendation of a good friend and client of Activus, I decided they should undertake the annual maintenance and remote monitoring of both of my PV plants at Lefktra Boiotias ( installed capacity 100kW each one). After a while I had no hesitation about doing the same for my bigger plant in Volos with 500kW installed capacity and that's because finally they seemed to be more consistent and organized than the manufacturing company was.

The constant information that I had from the service department of Activus (either in the form of monthly reports or through our direct telephone conversation) about the status of the facilities at Lefktra made ​​me feel confident from the start and gave me the opportunity to gain some time in my professional life as the condition of parks concerned me less and less.

In these reports, they proved me that my PV plants, and after a year or more operating time, they need some corrective interventions. Because the performance of my park was slightly higher than the estimated that gave the theoretical study of the program PVSYST, I thought everything was working well. That, until they sent me photos of one burnt panel and another 3 with faulty cells, which they detected during their first maintenance visit using thermal camera. These panels I do not know exactly for how long they were operating under normal.

I believe this change contributed, together with panel cleaning with deionized water two times a year, in the quite noticeable increase in performance in the second year of operation, approximately equal to 4.568 € in total, as it was seen in the telemetry. This means that the annual maintenance contract for the two PV plants was covered by Activus corrective interventions.