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Maintenance of P/V Systems

Maintenance of P/V Systems

Every photovoltaic system refunds its owner for 20 years. In order for that to happen the installation should produce continuously with the maximum of its power, since every time that cease working money are being wasted. Especially nowadays the energy producer of Renewable Energy Sources feels the growing need that his investment operates without any problems and produces the expected. Such an investment is bonded with 2 parameters, the maintenance (active or passive) but also with the immediate response hotline that we offer.

So the maintenance of the installation is a necessary and small investment compared to the hundreds of thousand or even million euros cost of the P/V System.

Activus as an EPC that has been established in the photovoltaic area since 2007 and having 20MW of total installed power on rooftops and terrestrial installations knows the issues that can occur daily and intervenes on time for the resolution.

Our goal is to protect the investor / producer from potential future malfunctions of the installation and money waste. Precisely for this purpose Activus has planned and offers 2 basic maintenance programs in order to cover the necessity of the investors/producers.

PV Action Program

The PV Action Program includes the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance operation
  • Constant web observation of the installation of the produced electric energy and the production of the park.
  • Immediate and valid repair of any damages with technical support.



PV Action Plus Program

This program includes all the services of PV Action Program and in addition it offers:

  • Biannual cleaning of all the gear
  • Equipment’s thermography with a special thermal camera (it regards to frame hives, frame junction boxes links, inverters, electrical panels, Adapters,etc.)
  • Biannual lubrication of any moving parts.
  • Biannual antirust protection
  • Biannual rat extermination and grass cutting, since it’s necessary.

Choosing the full “Activus care services” program every investor enjoys:

  • Maximum profit from the best function of the system
  • Increase of the system’s performance due to the cleaning of the surface of the frames
  • Immediate response and technical intervention
  • Observation of the monthly production and comparison with the maximum theoretical


Activus owns an unique application regarding web-observation and receiving errors through satellite connection (in cooperation with Forthnet).Your p/v system gets connected with a permanent system of observation, in order to reassure the distant control 365 days a year. In this way, every malfunction, gets registered from the experienced personnel of the company and is being referred in order to get immediately restored. Mainly, the “Activus care services” application acts in addition to our physical presence during the periodical maintenance allows through satellite system the daily observation of the installation.

At the end of every month, but also biannually, Activus sends to the clients analytical reports regarding important factors such as: Availability Factor %,Performance Ratio %.

In this way (with the help of these rates) we can observe the procedure of your park as time passes by and as a result we protect you from power and money waste.

Call Activus’ Service Department and ask for a presentation of the maintenance programs from our experienced and highly skilled personnel in order to reassure the safety or your investment.