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Domestic Rooftops / Net Metering

Installations of PV systems on industrial rooftops (< 10KWp)

These solar power systems are connected and supply the PPC Network with the energy that is produced by them. These systems are installed on the rooftop of your home or business on fixed mountings.

Activus, with its specialized technicians will select the correct installation place and along with its technological superiority in measuring sunshine, natural and artificial shadows will locate the optimal positioning for your P/V system.

Activus with its skilled personnel will:

  • Grow your Investment
  • Support you with the bank financing
  • Conclude the study of shading and the dimensioning of the site
  • Conclude the energy study
  • Handle the procedures of the PPC and the public sector
  • Supply the equipment
  • Install the mounting and solar panels
  • Install the photovoltaic system
  • Conclude all the inspections and measurements
  • Connect the project with the existing operating system (electricity)
  • Certify and guarantee the project
  • Maintain the equipment & monitor the project’s performance