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Heating spaces with biomass through fireplaces, stoves and boilers contributes significantly in the decrease of the heating costs while at the same time the price of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, etc.) continues to grow. This heating system of homes and larger buildings (hospitals, schools, commercial spaces, etc.) can bring savings up to 60%. Furthermore, biomass as a major renewable energy source contributes in the decrease of the greenhouse effect.

Modern boilers using standardized biomass (pellet) are high-tech devices with automatic fuel supply, operating at high temperatures; they have electronically controlled air flow providing more than 90% of the energy contained in the wood.

Activus, as the official representative of a large Austrian manufacturer of biomass boilers (EvoWorld) and a member of the European Biomass Organization (AEBIOM) offers complete packages of heating solutions, since 2010.

Our highly skilled engineers undertake the study and economic evaluation of each investment, adapted to the needs of investors, suggesting the ideal and most efficient solution for each client.

A few words about AEBIOM

The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) is the common voice of the European bioenergy sector with the aim to develop the market for sustainable bioenergy, and ensure favorable business conditions for its members. AEBIOM holds a strong position representing all bioenergy sectors and has a unique possibility to influence European directives, communications and various other EU papers.

AEBIOM is a non profit Brussels based international organization founded in 1990 that brings together 30 national associations and around 70 companies from all over Europe thus representing more than 4000 indirect members including mainly companies and research centers.


  • Project management on bioenergy sector
  • Networking among its members
  • Lobbying European institutions
  • Communication activities including bi-monthly newsletter
  • Information dissemination
  • Event organisation such as the annual AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference